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Helpful Sites for
Classroom Management &
Organization Vermont Law relative to Bullying and Harassment
Joyce has assembled a variety of resources including CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT ideas, techniques, and perspective pieces.  A fine and limited collection of articles.
Program for Complex Instruction at Stanford University.  Access to curriculum, personnel, research about CI, interactive help board.  Password protected.  Easy to sign up and sign in. 

skillbuilders [PDF]
Selection of skillbuilder activities to help children learn the norms and roles of cooperative groupwork.  From Cohen's Designing Groupwork.
The basics of behavior management.  Our work on behavior plans will use this site extensively.
173 different MISBEHAVIORS and suggested interventions.  Connected to Cooperative Discipline theory and practice. Teaching Tolerance is the award winning website of the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Look for important links for multicultural understanding, fighting hate crimes, issues of peace and justice.  Link to the Civil Rights Memorial and the stories of civil rights martyrs.

Go no further.  Links to information helpful to students, teachers, and parents.  LESSONS, PUZZLEMAKER, and teachers resources available.  Amazing assessment links - rubrics for vast areas of student activity, rubric makers.

Okay, Go no further now.  Another teacher site with a focus on literacy, LITERATURE CIRCLES, and COOPERATIVE GROUPING.  Includes very helpful downloadable resources for above.
"Are you a first-year teacher? Are you a school librarian? Do you like to use THEMES in your
teaching? Do you like to READ ALOUD? Are you a parent? Are you a BOOK LOVER? Are you a FUN
Eleven helpful ways you as a teacher can cut down on the DISCIPLINE issues in your classroom.  Comes from an organization known as Honor Discipline.  You'll recognize these ideas.

ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE.  Site includes excellent resources to support teachers, parents, and children in work having to do with PREJUDICE, BIAS, and DISCRIMINATION.  An expecially helpful guide for working with children in a CLASSROOM MEETING format .  Specific lessons linked to confronting hate.

Two files of documents helpful for managing literacy circles.
Student Teaching EvaluationForm used for quarterly assessments of student teaching.