2007 Team Photos
Sub-meter GPSing
Corbett doing some sub-meter GPS work with a big antenna

town of williston
Interns "reading the landscape" in Williston

Interns in SCA gear
SCA field gear helmet pose

Riparian Analysis
Interns wadding in the La Platte for riparian analysis for TNC VT

Invasive plant search in Richmond
Interns checking for invasive species along the Winooski for Richmond Land Trust

Survey maps in Williston
Interpreting survey maps for boundary checking

Map & Compass
Interns getting their bearings with map and compass

Posting signage
Intern Kai Starn updates signage and paint for the Town of Williston

Wetland mapping
Jessisca and Kyla pose after mapping wetlands for Jericho Underhill Land Trust

TNC & SNRCC meeting
The team meets with TNC VT and the Town of Shelburne to discuss the project

GIS lab
GIS mapping time