University of Vermont

Cost Accounting Services 

H:\FRS\COSTANAL\SPACE\guid.htm The Cost Accounting Services department is under the University Financial Services unit within the Division of Finance.  The staff and their respective responsibilities are:

Cost Accounting Services
(Staff Contact Information & Oversight Responsibilities)
CAS Staff Member
Michael Meunier
  Assistant Controller
  Phone:  656-1375
Manage CAS resources and expectations
Costing Standards/Policy Guidance/Outreach
Effort Costing Guidance/Outreach
Rate Proposals & Negotiations
Cost Standards QA Activities
Dawn Caffrey
  Senior Cost Accountant
  Phone:  656-1336
Salary/Wage Transfer Approvals
Effort Management and Certification
University Space Functionalization
Cost Accounting Modeling/Reporting
Fixed Asset Capitalization/Depreciation
Reiko Choiniere  
  Cost Accountant
  Phone: 656-1482
Equipment Accounting
Space and Equipment Inventory
Asset Insurance Cost Accounting
Asset Management Data Steward

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