University of Vermont

Cost Accounting Services 

Major University Cost Accounting Functions Major University functions and their respective definitions are:

Instruction and Department  Research (Chart field Functions 2xx, 901, 905)
- Instruction and Department Research  includes teaching and training activities provided by the University used for the transmission or dissemination of knowledge to college students in classrooms, teaching labs, and  faculty offices.  Department  research is also included in this category.   

Organized Research (Chart field  functions 311, 312, 313, 320) - Organized Research includes all research and development activities of an institution which are separately budgeted and accounted for. This category includes research activities funded by the University or by external sponsors.
Experiment Station  Research (Chart field functions 351 & 352) - Experiment Station Research includes research activities within the College of Agriculture and the McIntire Stennis forestry related activities within the Rubenstein School Environment and Natural Resources.   

Public Service (Chart field functions 401, 411, 412, 413) -  Public Service provides to the general public the benefits of the instructional and/or research activities of the University.  Conferences and institutes conducted through Continuing Education are included in this category.    

Extension Research and Service (Chart field functions 361, 362, 421 and 422) - Extension research activities are extension projects such as SARE that primarily support basic, applied or experimental/developmental activities (sponsored function code = 361, Cost Share function code = 362). Extension service activities include those projects that primarily provide the public with solutions, to everyday problems, using established or innovative techniques, know-how, research and scientific knowledge, education and learning opportunities primarily in the areas of 4-H development, agriculture, natural resources, family & consumer sciences and community & economic development.
• Sponsored Extension Service: Projects which are separately budgeted and accounted for on specific project. (function 421)
• Extension Service Cost Sharing: Cost sharing on extension service projects including matching of federal formula grants (function 422)
Other institutional activities  - includes operation of residence halls, dining halls, hospitals and clinics, student unions, intercollegiate athletics, bookstores, faculty housing, student apartments, guest houses, chapels, theaters, public museums, and other similar auxiliary enterprises. This definition also includes any other categories of activities, costs of which are "unallowable" to sponsored agreements such as public relation and alumni development.

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