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Cost Accounting Standards Building Componentization Study

The objective of a componentization study is to perform a comprehensive Building Component and Fixed Equipment analysis of the capitalized project cost for designated buildings, and in accordance with OMB A-21 Circular Cost Principles of Higher Education, allocate the cost by project and year capitalized to the primary components and sub components of the Building Construction, Building Service Systems, and contractor installed Fixed Equipment.

An annual building componentization study is typically performed on the following research buildings and their respective capital value is classified into the appropriate building component:

  • Aiken Building
  • Colchester Research Facility
  • Cook
  • Central Heating Plant
  • Marsh Life Sciences
  • Environmental Safety Facility
  • Rubenstein Lab
  • Dana Library
  • Technology Park
  • College of Medicine Freezer Farm
University buildings which do not have a componentization study performed on them are depreciated over a useful life of either 40 years for buildings or 15 years for fixed equipment.

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