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Cost Accounting Standards Disposal of Movable Equipment

Equipment purchased with University funds, donated to the University, or acquired for the University through other means, are the property of the University and do not belong to specific individuals.
  • A department or individual may not dispose of property unilaterally. Disposal of University property for personal gain or favor is prohibited.
  • The University disposes of its surplus property including equipment in an environmentally and fiscally responsible manner in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Declaring Equipment Surplus - Responsible officials of the managing departments must follow the movable equipment policy before declaring equipment available for disposal. Trade-in or inter-departmental transfers should be considered before declaring equipment "surplus" and ready for disposal.

  • Prior to the disposing of an equipment item, the department shall notify its respective College/School/Unit to determine whether the equipment item can be utilized within a College, School, or Unit. Each Dean’s office or Unit should retain a record of their ultimate disposition of each equipment item for audit purposes.

Disposal Pick Up Process - Per the Disposal of Surplus Property and Movable Equipment policy, any surplus equipment that is not handled through trade-in or transfer must be processed through the Custodial's Recycling/Surplus Program. Departments should request a pickup of surplus items by submitting a Service Request using the FAMIS Self Serve system. The request must include a description and location of items. Other specific conditions of the pick up are:

  • A surplus disposal form must be filled out by the Managing Department and include the asset tag number, location and description of item
  • Before pickup, the managing department must ensure that all items are empty of contents (including paper files and personal belongings) and in reasonably clean condition.
  • Departments will be charged a nominal handling fee for removal of surplus property from their premises.
  •  If items are too large or bulky for the Recycling/Surplus Program to move safely, then arrangements will be made with a contracted moving company.
  • All handling fees will be the responsibility of the managing department.
  • Departments vacating facilities are responsible for disposing of any surplus equipment left behind.

Additional disposal instructions exist for refrigerators, freezers, laboratory equipment, motored vehicles, trailers, registered equipment, computers and donations. Contact the Custodial's Recycling/Surplus Program for further details regarding these types of equipment disposals.

Record Retention - After pick up, the Custodial Recycling/Surplus Program sends the surplus disposal form to the the University Controller’s Office and Cost Accounting Services (CAS) updates the University's Assets Management database in Peoplesoft.

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