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Monitoring Effort Prospectively

Prospective monitoring on a periodic basis is the key in complying with the University's approach to complying with Federal effort related regulations. Any significant effort changes requires timely action to ensure compliance with sponsor requirements.

Prior Approvals of Effort Reductions involving  Principal Investigators/Key Personnel -  Any significant drop in effort (25% or more) of committed effort or an absence of more than 3 months of a PI or key personnel must be approved in advance by the sponsor. The Notice of of Grant Award identifies who the key personnel are which require prior approval. Prior approvals are processed through the Sponsored Project Administration.

Quarterly Reviews  - The University's effort management and reporting policy requires employees charged to sponsored agreement either directly or as cost share to verify their effort on a quarterly basis. Other University activities such as approving faculty annual work plans, budgeting department personnel for the upcoming fiscal year, submitting salary distribution changes and submitting sponsored agreement progress reports present other opportunities to prospectively verify effort and make any appropriate effort/salary distribution changes.

Timeliness of Effort Changes - Significant effort changes require salary distribution changes to be processed to ensure the salary charges are posted to the correct accounts. Effort changes should be communicated in a timely manner to the designated academic unit administrator responsible for submitting salary distribution changes.

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