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Cost Accounting Services 


Effort Certification in ERS

All University employees whose compensation is charged directly or as cost share to any sponsored agreement is required to review and certify their effort. Certifications are required for two types of employees:
Semi-monthly payroll employees must have their effort certified on sponsored agreements in the University's Effort Reporting System. Based on the 100% effort associated with the person's Institutional Base Salary (IBS), the certifier reviews and certifies the effort is reasonable in relation to the work performed. The certification period is from July 1 through June 30 of each fiscal year.
Bi-weekly payroll employees certify their time during each submission of hours in the PeopleSoft's Time & Labor module and Kronos systems. Employees must ensure that the time charged to a sponsored agreement and other University activities is reasonable in relation to the work performed.
Individuals such as Principal Investigators who have first hand knowledge of another University employee's effort may certify their effort. Graduate students and terminated employees are common examples where the PI is assigned in ERS to certify other personnel's effort forms.

 Using suitable means of verification, a responsible official may certify for other employees. The responsible official must maintain a written description of what was used as the suitable means of verification for future audit purposes.

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