University of Vermont

Cost Accounting Services 


Cost Transfer Request Approvals

Unit Approvals - All cost transfers involving sponsored agreements, whether for labor or goods and services, require preparation and approval. Departments shall ensure that no one person has complete control over all aspects of a cost transfer.

  • The individual who prepares the cost transfer request shall not be the same person who approves it. The two individuals from the unit involved in the cost transfer request must be reflected on the submitted cost transfer request form.
  • The PI of the sponsored agreement receiving the charge must approve the cost transfer request if it is submitted more than 90 days from the accounting date of the original transaction.

Central Unit Approvals - The review process on the appropriateness of the timely cost transfers requests will be conducted by the central administrative units.

  • For payroll related cost transfers, Cost Accounting Services have approval authority.
  • For non-payroll cost transfers, Sponsored Project Administration has approval authority.
  • Untimely cost transfer requests require a Vice President approval.

Last modified December 31 2012 10:44 AM