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Space Functional Classifications  
Functional Usage Definitions
Func Code
Functional Classification Category
Functional Classification Description
Instruction and
Department  Research
Instruction and Department Research  includes teaching and training activities provided by the University used for the transmission or dissemination of knowledge to college students in classrooms, teaching labs, faculty offices.  Also includes department funded research facilities.
Organized Research Organized Research  means all research and development activities of an institution that are separately budgeted and accounted for. 
Experiment Station  Research Experiment Station Research includes research activities within the College of Agriculture and the McIntire Stennis forestry related activities within the School of Natural Resources.
Public Service Public Service includes sponsored and non sponsored programs and activities not related to the Instruction or the Research categories above.  Conferences and institutes conducted through Continuing Education are included in this category.
Cooperative Extension Service Cooperative Extension Service includes sponsored and non sponsored activities under the control of the Director of the Cooperative Extension Service.
Libraries Libraries includes equipment/space under the control of the Director of Libraries.
General Administration General Administration includes equipment/space used by central units responsible for academic and administrative affairs.  Equipment/space within these areas serves the entire University community.
Development/PR/Alumni Development/PR/Alumni activities include all administrative space in these units.
Physical Plant Admin  Physical Plant Admin includes all administrative space in the units reporting to the Director of Physical Plant except for Grounds and Police Services.
Ground and Police Services Admininistration Grounds and Police Services Admin includes all administrative space in these two units.
Student Administration Student Services Administration includes equipment/space used in central areas related to student affairs  primarily for the benefit of students.
Departmental Administration Departmental Administration includes the administrative equipment/space in academic units or divisions. 
Sponsored Project Administration Sponsored Projects Administration includes equipment/space used in central administrative units for the procuring of grants from external sponsors and accounting for current projects. 
Auxiliary Services Auxiliary Services includes the equipment/space used in activities, which generate income through billing out certain technical services.
Non-Institutional Non-Institutional includes agencies not under supervision of the University Administration. Space owned by the University but now used by Marriott and University Health Center fall into this category.
Inactive Inactive, Areas under Renovation, Unfinished Space, or Unusable Space not presently in use.  This includes space that is vacant, under renovation, construction or unusable space.

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