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Space and Movable Equipment Inventory  - Instructions, process and definitions

Functional Usage - Shared Space by Depts
  • Typically, there is only one custodian department assigned to a room during a fiscal year. The custodian department is responsible for inventorying the rooms on their departmental list regardless of which department used the room(s).
    • If you don't see the room on your department list, contact Campus Planning. They will add it to your list.
  • When a room is assigned to multiple departments for the same time frame, the functional classification should be based on the space used by each department.
    • The functional % for each department's area must equal 100%.
    • Departments should not be deleted from a room in the FAMIS Space Database. Campus planning has the authority to change the custodianship of a room.
  • If a department moves out of the room during a year, the department leaving the room must inventory the room before it is removed from their list.
    • Upon completion of the inventory for the room, add the message "Relocated out of room as of mm/dd/yyyy" to the comment field in the Room Info tab.
    • If you moved into a room during a year and the room isn't on your departmental room list, contact Campus Planning. They will add it to your list.

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