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Available Movable Equipment

Starting in FY11, movable equipment which is "available for transfer" to other University departments will be identified as part of the movable equipment inventory process.

The goal of identifying available movable equipment is to provide a way to optimize the usage of the University's existing movable equipment by providing a comprehensive list of available movable equipment.

What are the requirements for a movable equipment item to be available?

The following requirements must exist before an item may be identified as "available for transfer":

1) A movable equipment item must be an existing movable equipment item in your department's inventory and have a University asset tag.
2) The movable equipment item is operational
3) The assigned department does not have any operational use for it
4) It wasn't purchased by a current active sponsored agreement
5) The responsible official or designee for the operational unit has approved the movable equipment item to be transferred to another UVM department.
6) The use of federally purchased movable equipment complies with the University's Movable Equipment policy.

Identifying Available Equipment during the Inventory Process

For movable equipment located in a room, enter the "Available for Transfer" phrase in the comment field associated with the movable equipment item located in the room of the FAMIS space survey database.

Cost Accounting Services will read the comments and identify any appropriate movable equipment as "Available for Transfer". It may be a couple of working days before the movable equipment database is updated.

How do I obtain a list of movable equipment available for transfer from other University departments?

In Peoplesoft, run the public query called “UV_Available_Mov_Equip”. The output will display the list of equipment and the assigned department responsible for the custodianship of the equipment.

Since this process is just starting, it may take several months for the list to become a comprehensive list.

What if I want to inquire about a movable equipment item?

Since organizational structures differ within the University, the contact will vary.  Review the home department’s personnel list from the directory and contact the department chair person or Unit manager to obtain the appropriate contact within the assigned department.

If the assigned department agrees to transfer the equipment item, what responsibilities does the assigned department and the receiving department have?

In general, the moving related costs would be incurred by the receiving department.

Receiving Department - The receiving department is responsible for adding the movable equipment item to the appropriate room in the FAMIS space database. Add a comment "Inter-department transfer" for the movable equipment item.

In general, the moving related costs would be incurred by the receiving department unless the departments agree on an alternative arrangement.

Current Assigned Department - The assigned department for the movable equipment item is responsible for communicating the transfer to in Cost Accounting Services.

For computers which are classified as movable equipment, the assigned department must erase the data on the hard drive(s) per the ETS defined process(click here).

For lab equipment and appliances, the assigned department must properly cleaned and decontaminate the item in the same manner as if you would be disposing of it through the surplus disposal process.

Cost Accounting Services - Update the asset management database to reflect the new assigned department and remove the movable equipment item from the "available" list.

What if I want to remove the item from being available?

Contact Laurie Desso at and she will update the movable equipment database.

If the movable equipment item has not been transferred within 90 days, the department may contact surplus disposal for alternative approaches.

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