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Space and Movable Equipment Inventory  - Instructions, process and definitions

Functional Usage - Labs/Lab Service Rooms
  • Enter assigned PI(s) as a Room Contact for each lab and lab service coded room. Solicit feedback from the assigned PI(s) on functional usage and occupants for their assigned rooms.
    • Typically, the lab service room serving a lab is functionally classified with the same functional activities and percentages
  • Lab Service rooms used by mulitple labs are functionalized based on the functional classification of the labs it serves.
    • Example - One lab is 100% organized research and one lab is 100% instruction. The lab service room serves both labs. The functional activies for the lab service room is 50% organized research and 50% instruction.
  • Rooms coded 100% Organized Research must pass a higher level of scrutiny than other rooms.
    • All occupants must have a high percentage of their funding  from organized research chart strings.
    • Retain a full written description of the basis used to code a room 100% organized research.
  • Multiple rooms coded as 50/50 or 95/5 imply a pattern of assigning functional usage without proper consideraton of all the factors.
  • Assess whether graduate students use the lab space and classify an appropriate % of the space for any instruction related activity.

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