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Space and Movable Equipment Inventory  - Instructions, process and definitions

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Training - Inventory Principles

The inventory principles of the Space and Movable Equipment inventory are :
  • Designated department inventory personnel shall be trained prior to conducting an inventory.
  • Departments shall inventory their respective rooms and update each room's information in the FAMIS Self-Service Space database. All leased space including leased storage areas shall be included in the inventory.
  • Knowledgeable personnel on how each room is functionally used will be solicited for their input. For example, a PI overseeing a lab's activities should be contacted. 
  • Functional classification of a room space shall be statistically sound and reconciled with the functional values of the chart strings funding the room's activities.
  • Each movable equipment item will be inventoried and on-going usage assessed. 
  • Occupants of a room during the fiscal year must be included in the room.
  • Chart strings funding the functional activities of a room shall be provided where appropriate.
  • Departmental custodian changes of a room shall be reported to Campus Planning Services in a timely manner.
  • Reconciling activities should be performed by the department to ensure the integrity of the inventory data

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