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Research in Rehabilitation and Movement Science

Students in the Lab

Albertson Ben Albertson '13, Biological Science major and research assistant to Dr. Jeremy Sibold
"The opportunity to work with Dr. Sibold has introduced me to the research process in a comfortable and educational manner. Using cutting edge methods with real world applications has stimulated my mind and helped me to draw parallels between what I've learned in the classroom and the work we are doing in the lab." - Ben Albertson
Belton, Colombo Caitlin Belton and Lisa Colombo, DPT students and research assistants to Dr. Jeremy Sibold
"Research puts all my years of education into reality. I get to use all of the things I have learned and see them in a real-life situation." - Caitlin Belton
"I have always learned best with hands-on activities so working with Dr. Jeremy Sibold is a great way for me to further understand the research process." - Lisa Colombo
Chenette Jennifer Chenette, third year EXMS student and research assistant to Dr. Sharon Henry
"Working with Dr. Henry in the Human Motion Lab has been a rich learning experience for me as I pursue my degree in physical therapy. Being involved in research has shown me how rehabilitation is growing and changing and I feel fortunate to be part of that change as an undergraduate student. I highly recommend students get involved in research to gain clinical experience and begin their professional networking." - Jennifer Chenette
McGregor Kyle McGregor, second year DPT student and research assistant to Dr. Sharon Henry
“Kinesiology and how different pathologies affect a patient's movement patterns have always interested me. Working in the Human Motion Analysis Lab, predominantly with the movement data, has given me a great exposure to the scientific basis of physical therapy and rehabilitation. I am unsure if research will be a large component of my future career path, but this experience has given me a greater appreciation for the hard work that is required for the evidence-based practice that I will use for the rest of my professional life.” - Kyle McGregor
McLaren Kelsey McLaren, second year DPT student and research assistant to Dr. Sharon Henry
“Working in the Human Motion Analysis Lab has provided ample opportunity for me to see the fields of Physical Therapy, Neuroscience, and Kinesiology from a broader perspective. It is great to be able to apply what we are doing in the classroom to research participants in the motion analysis lab. In addition, I really enjoy bringing the findings uncovered within the data back to the classroom.”
Mercier Henry Mercier, first year Athletic Training student and research assistant to Dr. Sharon Henry
“Working in the Department of Rehabilitation allows me to make real world applications with the material learned in the classroom. Moreover, I will have hands-on learning experiences that will advance my critical thinking skills, research knowledge, and teamwork ability. This opportunity to learn about research processes and interact with patients is invaluable to me as a future healthcare professional.” - Henry Mercier
Pellicano Brian Pellicano, third year EXMS student and research assistant to Dr. Sharon Henry
“I wanted to get involved in research to learn more about the growing field of rehabilitation and movement science through clinical experience while working with a professional as well as develop my own style and specific interests in health care. Although I am a newer member of the team working under Dr. Henry, I am beginning to make connections between material learned in the classroom and its application in the real-world clinical setting. My involvement in Dr. Henry's research as an undergraduate is giving me the opportunity to discover my career goals as an aspiring physician.” - Brian Pellicano

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