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College of Nursing and Health Sciences

College of Nursing and Health Sciences Security Policy

Faculty, Staff and Student Identification

In light of a suspicious package incident in the College of Medicine and to help assure the safety and security of persons and property throughout Rowell Building and the academic health center, effective January 18, 2011, all faculty, staff, and students of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences will be required to wear personal identification in the form of the UVM Cat Card while in Rowell, Given, the Health Sciences Research Facility, the Medical Education Center, Dana Library, or Fletcher Allen Health Care. The College of Nursing and Health Sciences will provide a lanyard for the purpose of wearing the identification card on the body, but identification cards may be pinned to clothing if preferred. Students, staff, and faculty are responsible for replacement of lanyards and CAT cards if lost.

Students and faculty wearing FAHC picture identification do not need to display both the FAHC and CAT card, but should be able to produce both identifications if requested. While the buildings are open to the public during the day, during hours when buildings are locked, all CNHS personnel, students, faculty and staff, are requested to be alert to unauthorized visitors and to notify campus police services for follow-up.

Approved by the Chairs' Council: December 9, 2010
Effective: January 18, 2011

Last modified September 19 2011 04:09 PM