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Dean's Staff Excellence Award Nomination

To qualify for the CNHS Staff Excellence Award, an individual or team of staff members should demonstrate outstanding behaviors or produce exceptional results, either within a single department or across the College, in any of the following categories: Character, Job Performance, or Team Focused Contribution. Further definition of these categories can be found below. The Dean will choose the recipient from the candidates put forward.

Please fill in the following information:

Nominator's Email Address

Please describe the nominee's qualifications in one or more of following categories:

  • Create a positive, supportive, and inclusive place for employees and students to work and learn.
  • Demonstrate exemplary leadership and role modeling by providing a sense of purpose, vision, and mission to achieve goals.
  • Invest time and interest in coaching and mentoring to positively influence others and build consensus around CNHS values and objectives.
    Job Performance
  • Provide quality customer service, both in front and behind the scenes. "Go the extra mile" to provide service to internal and external customers with timely and appropriate follow-up and responsiveness and demonstrated improvement of customer service and satisfaction.
  • Get results by identifying, creating, and implementing innovative solutions to improve the way work is done, making it easier, more efficient, and/or less costly.
  • Contribute to the success of others by sharing expertise and knowledge.
    Team Focused Contribution
  • Serve on a department or CNHS team or committee and contribute to its success.
  • Work on a special project with a successful outcome.
  • Participate in broad efforts outside realm of assigned job duties to improve the CNHS community.

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