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Dean's Outstanding Faculty Award Nomination

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences Dean's Outstanding Faculty Award recognizes outstanding achievement as related to the expectations of the faculty appointment. Any appointed faculty member of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences may be nominated for the CNHS Dean's Outstanding Faculty Award.

Nomination Requirements

  1. A nomination statement written by the nominator that cites specific reasons why the individual is deserving of the award.
  2. A copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae.
  3. Two statements of support, solicited by the nominator, from colleagues with in-depth knowledge of the nominee's areas of expertise and/or accomplishments. Persons providing these letters should have first-hand experience and knowledge related to one or more of the nomination criteria listed.

Nomination Criteria
Materials submitted in support of each nomination will be evaluated for evidence of sustained excellence in undergraduate and/or graduate teaching, student advising, research and/or scholarship, and exemplary clinical practice as defined by the nominee's position description. For example, tenure/tenure track teaching, research and practice; practice and teaching for clinical track; research for research track, as related to the following applicable criteria:

  1. Impact on student learning, motivation, academic success, and intellectual development through teaching and student advising.
  2. Innovation in course development and teaching methods.
  3. Influence on improvement of curricula and teaching in the college, department, and among colleagues.
  4. Involvement with student organizations, participation in CNHS committees related to undergraduate and graduate education, participation in teaching and curriculum development workshops, seminars and programs.
  5. National/international prominence in one's research/scholarship field.
  6. Publication of high-quality research/scholarship articles in top-rated journals.
  7. Demonstration of extramural funding from federal, state, local or private granting agencies.
  8. Commitment to research mentoring of undergraduates and graduates.
  9. Exemplary practice.

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