University of Vermont

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

UVM Affiliate Responsibilities

Clinical Supervision

Students are always directly supervised during their clinical experiences. The degree of supervision is commensurate with the amount of experience and the amount of competency demonstrated by the student. At no time are students ever placed in a position of doing clinical work as a replacement for a certified technologist.


Prior to the start of the affiliation, each affiliate will set up a rotation schedule for each student, and will send a copy to the Program Director for review and approval. Any changes in the schedule will be communicated to the Program Director by the Student Coordinator.


The affiliate will orient the students to the department and hospital in the first week of  the assignment. Students will be informed of policies and procedures including the Hospital Confidentiality Policy.

Student Evaluation

The Student Coordinator will evaluate students using the evaluation forms provided by the University.


The affiliate's Student Coordinator will communicate concerns to the Program Director or Clinical Coordinator as deemed necessary.


The clinic will make internet-connected computers available so that students can access their UVM e-mail accounts and to submit online clinical reports.

In Case of Emergency

  • Student Medical Emergency: The clinical affiliate will assure that the student receives appropriate medical intervention. The clinical affiliate will contact the University of Vermont and any appropriate family immediately.
  • Department Emergency: Students will be apprised of emergency policies and procedures at orientation.

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