University of Vermont

College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Ge Wu

Ge Wu, Ph.D.

Professor of Rehabilitation and Movement Science

Ge Wu Office: 306C Rowell
Phone: (802) 656-2556

Dr. Ge Wu teaches in the areas of biomechanics, movement science, kinesiology, evidence-based practice, and research methods. Her primary research deals with the postural control problem in the elderly population.  Her research ranges from understanding the mechanisms of human postural control and postural control changes with aging, developing biomechanical tests and measures in identifying individuals who are at risk for falls, and designing effective means for preventing falls and fall related injuries, and for improving balance in the elderly. Dr. Wu's recent work on Tai Chi Chuan mechanisms has gained international recognition. It has been funded by the National Institute of Health, the Whitaker Foundation, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and Veteran Affairs Rehabilitation Research and Development Service.  Click here for more information on Dr. Wu's teaching and research.


Ph.D., Boston University, 1991
M.S., Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 1984
B.S., Tianjin University, Tianjin, China, 1982

Research Interests

Biomechanical analysis of Tai Chi Quan movement
Spatial head orientation on balance performance
Tele-communication technology for delivering rehabilitation exercises to homebound elders
Biomechanics of falls and fall detection
Artificial Neural Network for identifying people at risk for falls

Selected Publications

J. Jacobs, G, Wu, K.M. Kelley.  Evidence for beta corticomuscular coherence during human standing balance: effects of stance width, vision, and support surface.  Neuroscience, 298(9): 1-11. 2015

G. Wu. Biomechanical characteristics of stepping in older Tai Chi practitioners. Gait & Posture, 36: 361-366. 2012 (Abstract)

MM. Schleicher, L. Wedam, G. Wu. Review of Tai Chi as an Effective Exercise on Fall Prevention in Elderly. Research in Sports Medicine, 20:37-58, 2012 (Abstract)

Mary Val Palumbo, Ge Wu, Hollie Shaner-McRae, Betty Rambur, Barbara McIntosh. Tai Chi for Older Nurses: A Workplace Wellness Pilot Study. Applied Nursing Research 25(1): 54-59, 2012 (Abstract)

G. Wu, L. Keyes, P. Callas, X Ren, B. Bookchin. Comparison of Telecommunication, Community, and Home Based Tai Chi Exercise Programs on Compliance and Effectiveness in Elders at Risk for Falls. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 91: 849-56, 2010 (Abstract)

G. Wu and X. Ren. Speed Effect of Selected Tai Chi Chuan Movement on Leg Muscle Activity in Young and Old Practitioners. Clinical Biomechanics, 24(5): 415-421, 2009

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