College of Arts and Sciences

Guidelines for Classroom Conduct

Students enrolled in Arts and Sciences courses are expected to follow the following guidelines for behavior in class.

1. Students are expected to attend and be prepared for all regularly scheduled classes.

2. Students are expected to arrive on time and stay in class until the class period ends.

If a student knows in advance that he or she will need to leave early, the faculty member should be notified before the class period begins.

3. Students are expected to treat faculty and fellow students with respect. For example, students must not disrupt the class by ostentatiously not paying attention or by leaving and reentering the classroom during the class period.

Actions which distract the class from the work at hand are not acceptable.

It is expected that students will pay respectful attention to comments made by the lecturer and by fellow students.

Behavior that departs from these guidelines, as well as any additional guidelines specific to the individual course, is not acceptable and may be cause for disciplinary action.