University of Vermont


The Annual Insurance
Decision/Waiver Process

Most UVM students are REQUIRED to have health insurance. We need to confirm your coverage every year. This is why we ask you to complete the online Insurance Decision/Waiver Form—every year.


Who Is Required to Do This?

The following UVM students are required to have health insurance. They are also required to complete the Insurance Decision/Waiver Form every year.

  • Undergraduate/Continuing Education students registered for 9 or more credits.
  • Graduate students registered for 9 or more credits.
  • Graduate students with "Grad 903" status.
  • ALL Medical Students.

Is there a deadline for completing the Health Insurance Decision/Waiver Form?

YES! In order to avoid unwanted charges on your student account, all of the above students should enroll in or waive UVM Student Health Insurance by JULY 1st for the Fall Semester, and February 15th for new/returning students in the SPRING.

Students who fail to complete the Insurance Decision/Waiver form by this date will be charged for the UVM Plan, and will have a HOLD placed on their UVM student account. This hold is removed when you complete the insurance decision/waiver process, and the charge will be backed off if you can show that you have comparable insurance coverage.

The last possible date to enroll in the UVM Student Health Insurance is September 15 for the FALL, and February 15 for the SPRING.


What information do I need to provide?

  • Your Student ID Number
  • If waiving UVM SHIP: Your current health insurance card or equivalent, with subscriber/member ID number, primary subscriber's name and subscriber's relationship to you.

Questions? Contact the Student Insurance Office at or 802-656-0602.

Last modified April 25 2016 03:38 PM