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Cook Building and new STEM building

Left, today: the Cook Physical Science Building

Right, tomorrow: new STEM building replacement

UVM Department of Chemistry

The excitement that is Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry provides education to both undergraduate and graduate students in chemistry. Key to the department is a faculty active in research at a world-recognized level. Research by faculty and students contribute knowledge not only to the discipline of chemistry but to a range of disciplines from biomedical, to environmental, to materials science, to energy research. This range of research is the basis for providing classes stimulating to students in a myriad of disciplines that take chemistry to gain chemistry knowledge needed for their majors.

We also provide an intimate learning environment of close interaction of students with faculty in chemistry courses for majors and upper-level instruction. Undergraduate majors have the opportunity to pursue research in laboratories alongside our professors and graduate students. Both our undergraduate and graduate students are well prepared upon graduation to pursue successful careers.

Chemistry: The Central Science

glass blower

Chemists seek understanding of all aspects of the physical and biological worlds at the molecular level. Chemists have developed extremely powerful and sophisticated experimental and analytical techniques to probe the structure of molecules and chemical reactions. These techniques are critical and fundamental to solving sophisticated biological and biomedical problems. Developments in chemistry have provided the tools to address critical problems in materials science, in geology, and in the environmental sciences. Chemistry research is providing insights into and solutions to our global energy problems. Chemistry provides intellectual excitement with research that reaches into many disciplines beyond chemistry.


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