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Department of Chemistry

The department of Chemistry provides education to both undergraduate and graduate students. Key to the department is a faculty active in research at a world-recognized level. Research by faculty and students contributes knowledge not only to the discipline of chemistry but to a range of disciplines from biomedical engineering, environmental science, materials science, and energy research. This is the basis for providing classes stimulating to students in a myriad of disciplines.

Undergraduate Students

At UVM, we are able to provide a close-knit, high-contact experience in the context of a modern research university:

  • Chem majors have access to small classes (less than 60 students).
  • At the same time, majors work side-by-side with grad students, post-docs, and technicians on funded research projects.
  • We assist Chem majors in identifying paid summer research or internship experiences, on and off campus.
  • Our department will be moving to a brand new laboratory building in May 2017.

Graduate Students

Our department has one of the largest and most active graduate programs at UVM.

  • We maintain research programs across a spectrum of chemical topics, from nanotechnology to synthetic methodology to proteomics.
  • UVM offers a competitive stipend that is scheduled to increase yearly; students are supported on either research or teaching assistantships.
  • Small research groups mean regular, close contact with faculty.

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  • The new STEM building is coming along nicely! We are looking forward to moving our chemistry research and teaching labs over to this brand new building starting in 2017.

  • Prof. Rory Waterman's research group often performs air-sensitive chemical reactions in their studies and synthesis of organometallic chemical systems. Learn More

  • Prof. Matthew Liptak's research group uses cutting edge methods such as FPLC and MCD spectroscopy to study bioinorganic chemical systems. Learn More

  • Prof. Adam Whalley's research group is utilizing cutting edge synthetic techniques in order to make the next generation of organic semiconductors. Learn More

Research in Chemistry

Chemists seek understanding of all aspects of the physical and biological worlds at the molecular level. The development of sophisticated experimental and analytical techniques allows us to probe the structure of molecules and chemical reactions. These techniques are of paramount importance to solving many of today's complex biological and biomedical, materials science, geology, and environmental science problems.

You can see what Chemistry researchers at UVM are doing by visiting their individual faculty pages.

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