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Common Ground 2013 CSA Shares


Common Ground is a three acre student run organic vegetable farm.  As students we are learning as we go.  Some of us our seasoned farm workers and others are getting their feet wet for the first time.

Vermont has a very short growing season.  We start our plants in a greenhouse in early March to get them ready for transplant as soon as the snow thaws!  Early season Vermont vegetables are often hardy greens that can withstand cold nights.  The first few weeks of your share may contain lots of kale, chard, and lettuce, but be patient- it gets REALLY good.

In the world of farming things are ever changing.  Things like weather and pests can affect our daily operation.  Each week your basket will change and we will always provide you with the highest quality product we can.

With these two things taken into consideration we appreciate your support in our learning and growing process.

The Bachelor’s Degree (half)-16 weeks of veggies

EARLY BIRD Price: $200              Regular Price: $220

 This share is perfect for one-two people.  Although it varies from season to season, during 2011, a mid-season basket included:

1 bag salad mix
15 sprigs basil                       
1 bunch chard 2 beets
1 bunch Red Russian kale 1 pickling cucumber
1 bunch Siberian kale2 slicing cucumber
1 head lettuce 1 medium tomato
1 bok choy1 bunch herbs

      The Master’s Degree (full)-16 weeks of veggies

      EARLY BIRD Price: $370                 Regular Price: $390

 This share is perfect for 3-4 people.  In this share you receive the same as The Bachelor’s degree, typically with “extras.”  You may receive extra squash, carrots, and peppers as well as some of our specialty veggies.  Last season on the same week as the above share, you would have received:

1 bag salad mix2 scallions    
1 bunch chard1 slicing cucumber
1 bunch Red Russian kale2 pickling cucumbers
1 bunch Siberian kale2 squash
1 head lettuce1 bunch chives
2 bok choy1 bunch herbs
1 bunch collards1 bag cherry tomatoes
1 bag sugar snap peas1 head cabbage
up to 15 sprigs basil2 large tomatoes
2 beets

 The Harvest Share (half)
        We are offering 10 harvest shares this season. The harvest shares are the same size as a Bachelor's share (1-2 people) but cost just $100 for the season. The harvest share requires 4 hours of work in the field on harvest days. If you are interested in a harvest share, please email us for more details!


If you have any questions, please contact us at!

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