University of Vermont


College of Education and Social Services
History Minor
(Secondary Education)

Minimum of 18 credit hours required.

Complete the Following Courses

U.S. History
6 cr. hrs.
HST 011 U.S. History to 1875
HST 012 U.S. History Since 1875
European History-Select One Combination
6 cr. hrs.
HST 009 and 010 Global History to 1500 and Global History Since 1500
HST 015 and 016 Early Europe and Modern Europe
*Select Two History Electives at the 100 Level or above
6 cr. hrs.
HST Elective Numbered at the 100 Level or Above
HST Elective Numbered at the 100 Level or Above
18 cr. hrs.

*With the advice and approval of the Department of History, a 200 level seminar may be substituted for one of these courses. Students who have maintained a high average in their History courses are especially encouraged to pursue this option.

Revised Summer 2010

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