University of Vermont


College of Education and Social Services
Geography Minor
(Secondary Education)

Minimum of 18 credit hours required.

Select Two of the Following Courses
6 cr. hrs.
GEOG 040 Weather, Climate and Landscape
GEOG 050 World Regional Geography
GEOG 070 Space, Place and Society
Select One Course from the Following Regional Courses
3 cr. hrs.
GEOG 150 Geography of Africa
GEOG 152 Canada
GEOG 153 Arctic Canada
GEOG 154 Geography of Third World Development
GEOG 156 Latin America
GEOG 157 Geography of the Pacific
GEOG 159 Europe
GEOG 160 The United States
Select One Course from the Following Non-Regional Courses
3 cr. hrs.
GEOG 140 Biogeography
GEOG 143 Climatology
GEOG 170 Historical Geography
GEOG 171 Cultural Geography
GEOG 173 Political Ecology
GEOG 175 Urban Geography
GEOG 176 Geography of Global Economy
GEOG 177 Political Geography
GEOG 179 Cultural Ecology
Select Two Geography Electives
6 cr. hrs.
GEOG 060 Geography of Race and Ethnicity in the U.S. is recommended but not required.
GEOG 081 Geotechniques is strongly recommended as an elective.
GEOG Elective
GEOG Elective
18 cr. hrs.

Summer 2010

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