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College of Education and Social Services
Biological Sciences: Animal and Veterinary Sciences Major Concentration
(Early Childhood, Early Childhood Special Education, Elementary and Physical Education)

Minimum of 46 credit hours required.

The Biological Sciences Major Concentration: Specialty in Animal Sciences provides students with a comprehensive academic preparation in biological, physical and animal-related sciences. The program requires a minimum of 46 credit hours. In addition, coursework equivalent to Precalculus (MATH 010) or higher must be completed.

Students interested in pursuing this major concentration should seek close advisement at an early stage in developing their program. Please contact Helen Maciejewski for access to faculty members for academic advising.

Complete the Following Courses
Animal Sciences
ASCI 001 Introductory Animal Sciences 4 cr. hrs.
ASCI 110 Animal Nutrition 4 cr. hrs.
ASCI 122 Animals in Society/Animal Welfare3 cr. hrs.
ASCI 141 Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals4 cr. hrs.
BIOL 001 Principles of Biology I 4 cr. hrs.
BIOL 002 Principles of Biology II 4 cr. hrs.
Select one course from each of the following
3 cr. hrs.
BCOR 101 Genetics
ASCI 168 Animal Genetics
Inorganic Chemistry with Lab
4 cr. hrs.
CHEM 023 Outline of General Chemistry
CHEM 031 General Chemistry I
Organic Chemistry with Lab
4 cr. hrs.
CHEM 026 Outline of Organic and Biochemistry
CHEM 042 Introductory Organic Chemistry
CHEM 141 Organic Chemistry I
Select Three Courses from at Least Two Categories
cr. hrs.
Advanced Physiology
ASCI 215 Physiology of Reproduction
ASCI 216 Endocrinology
ASCI 220 Lactation Physiology
Management Sciences
ASCI 097 Understanding and Speaking Dog
ASCI 115 Introduction to Equine Studies
ASCI 121 Equus or ASCI 134/135 CREAM
ASCI 171 Zoos, Exotics and Endangered Species
ASCI 272 Advanced Topics in Zoos, Exotics and Endangered Species
Animal Health
ASCI 118 Applied Animal Health or ASCI 117 Horse Health and Disease
ASCI 263 Clinical Topics in Companion Animal Medicine
ASCI 264 Clinical Topics in Livestock Medicine
46 cr. hrs.

NOTE: Students should check prerequisites for all courses before enrolling. Also, some courses are offered alternate years, so careful program planning with an advisor is required. No course substitutions are allowed in the above program requirements without permission. Contact Professor Tom McFadden, Department of Animal Sciences, (656-0155).

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