University of Vermont

Application for Readmission

The University of Vermont
College of Education and Social Services
Student Services Office
85 South Prospect Street
528 Waterman Building
Burlington, VT 05405

Please fill in the following information:

Student Information
E-Mail Address
Date of Birth
Local Address
Local Phone
Permanent Address
Permanent Phone
Enrollment Information
When were you last enrolled in the CESS? Semester Year
Previous Program
When would you like to return? Semester Year
Intended Program
Have you ever completed transfer credit while away from UVM?
Transfer Credit:
If you have taken college courses at an institution other than UVM, you need to have an official transcript sent to the Office of Transfer Affairs in order for the credits to be evaluated for transfer. Please indicate where and when you took courses.
Semester Year

Note: Students who completed the appropriate paperwork and were placed on a formal Leave of Absence do not need to respond to the questions below. All other students need to carefully answer the following questions and include them as documentation to support your request for readmission.

  1. What have you been doing during the period of time you have not been enrolled in the CESS at UVM? (Include descriptions and dates of employment, military service, etc. Also, you'll need to submit a transcript of coursework taken at a different institution if applicable.)
  2. If given permission to return, what program do you plan to pursue? Is it in the CESS?
  3. If you were not in good academic standing (less than 2.0 for semester and/or overall average) when you were last enrolled:
    • Identify and explain the extenuating circumstances that led to your low academic performance.
    • Explain the changes you have made in your life so that you can now be succesful.
    • Identify resources (e.g. Faculty Advisor, Counseling Center, Learning Cooperative, Career Services, Residential Life, etc.) you will be using to improve your academci record if you are permitted to return.
    • Determine the assistance (tutoring, regular meetings with your advisor, assistance with study skills, etc.) you will need to be successful in the future.

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