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Elementary Education Checksheet

Diversity Requirement
Diversity Courses1
Diversity courses are met through program requirements.
D1 (EDFS 001) 3
D2 (EDSP 005) --
Total Credits  
General Education
Arts and Letters2 Crs
ENGS 001 or English Literature 3
Fine Arts (ARTH, ARTS, CDAE 015, DNCE, EDEL 159 [Spr only], Film, MU [i.e. MU 176] or THE) 3
Humanities Crs
(ALAN, ASL 001, CLAS, Foreign Lang, PHIL or REL) 3
Math Crs
MATH 015 (or above)3 3
MATH 016 (or above)3 3
Science Crs
(BIOL, CHEM, EDTE 074 Science of Sustainability, GEOL, NFS 043, 063, PBIO or PHYS) 3
Social Science Crs
U.S. History 011 or 012 3
POLS 021 3
Total Credits  
Professional Requirements
Preprofessional Coursework Crs
EDTE 001 Making a Diff: Exploring Ed 3
EDML 055 Brain Research & Learning Theory (Fall only) 3
EDFS 002 School & Society (Spring only) 3
Sophomore Block Crs
EDSP 005 D2:Issues Affecting Persons w/ Disabilities1 3
EDEL 056 Teachers & Teaching Process 3
EDEL 178 Meeting Individual Needs (Fall only) 3
PRAXIS I Requirement Fulfilled ___Yes ___No4
Professional Coursework
Methods Block: Inquiry
EDEL 155 Lab Exp in Inquiry 3
EDEL 156 Teaching Math for Meaning 3
EDEL 157 Social Ed & Social Studies 3
Methods Block: Literacy Crs
EDEL 158 Teach Science for Meaning 3
EDEL 175 Lab Experience in Literacy 3
EDEL 176 Language Arts & Lit Skills 3
EDEL 177 Children's Lit & Literacy 3
Non-Block Course Crs
EDEL 187 Plan, Adapt, Deliv Rdg Inst5  
Internship Block Crs
EDEL 185 Student Teaching Intern6,7 12
EDEL 188 Principles of Classroom Mgmnt7 3
Total Credits  
Required Content Area Courses
Students must complete 12 credit hours in three content areas and 18 in the fourth. Crs
*English-ENGS 001/050 or English Literature  
*Math-MATH 015 and MATH 016  
*Science-(BIOL, CHEM, EDTE 074 Science of Sustainability, GEOL, NFS 043, 063, PBIO or PHYS)  
*Social Studies-HST 011/012, POLS 021  
*These courses also fulfill general education requirements above.  
Total Credits  
Total Credits  
1EDSP 005 or ECSP 202 fulfills D2 category.
2Demonstrated competence in public speaking. Requirement must be completed prior to student teaching.
3Minimum grade of "C" required.
4PRAXIS I must be passed by Junior Year
5Must be taken after Literacy Block and prior to Student Teaching
6Grade of "B" or better required for licensure
7Courses taken concurrently.

Program completion in Elementary Education requries a minimum of 120 approved credit hours.
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