University of Vermont

Riders Wanted for AmTryke Open House

AmTryke Bike Day May 5 at UVM

Photo of child riding an Amtryke bike

Some children need extra special equipment to be successful at riding a bike. Vermont has a local chapter of AMBUCS, a national organization dedicated to providing mobility and independence for children with disabilities. These special bikes, called AmTrykes, are able to be adapted for each child's movement challenges, with special seating, trunk supports, back supports, footplates, and hand cranks. Each year, the Center on Disability and Community Inclusion works with the Vermont Chapter of AMBUCS to sponsor an annual AMBUCS Open House and bike fitting.

This year's event will be held Saturday, May 5, on UVM's Trinity Campus (208 Colchester Ave, Burlington, at Delehanty Hall). CDCI staff, and volunteer physical and occupational therapists will be on hand to evaluate and specialize bikes with adaptations for each child's needs. Participants are invited to come take a test drive on the latest AmTryke models and equipment.

The bikes are available for purchase, and those needing financial assistance will be placed on the Vermont Wish List. Fund raising events will be held throughout the year to help provide bikes to everyone on the list.

Fittings are scheduled from 9:30 - 2:30 and pre-registration is required. Contact Leslie Ermolovich to reserve your spot: Email or phone 802-656-4767.