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Charles Rathbone

Charles Rathbone, Ph.D.Associate Professor Emeritus

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Dr. Rathbone's primary areas of scholarship exist at the intersection of small group process, learning theory, and curriculum development.  A reformed Piagetian, his current interests include how technology and what we know about how the brain learns impact these areas of scholarship.  He is co-author of Muiltiage Portraits: Teaching and Learning In Mixed Age Classrooms  and authored the Encyclopedia Americana  on-line entry "Elementary Education" in 1997. He retired from UVM in May, 2009.

Current Projects:

Responsiveness to Instruction, Technology Integration Professional Development, Universal Course Design (Equity and Excellence in Higher Education), Universal Design for Learning


Selected Publications

  • Rathbone, C. (2011). "Applying UDL Principles to Design More Inclusive University Teaching." Newsletter of Design For All Institute of India. Vol. 6, No. 12. p. 103-117.  [abstract]
  • Elementary Education. In Encyclopedia Americana. Bethel, CT: Grolier Educational Publishers, pp. 680-686.  [abstract]
  • Rathbone, C. (1996). Gender, Math Literacy, and Classroom Meetings. New England Mathematics Journal, The Association of Teachers of Mathematics in New England, Vol. XXVIII, No. 2.  [abstract]
  • Rathbone, C., Bingham, A., Dorta, P., McClaskey, M., and O'Keefe, J. Multiage portraits: teaching and learning in mixed-age classrooms. Peterborough, NH: Crystal Springs Publishers.  [abstract]
  • Erb, C. and Rathbone, C."The city hall park study." The Arithmetic Teacher. April, 1991.  [abstract]
  • Clarke, J. and Rathbone, C. "Collaboraing in professional development: meeting multiple needs in a school context." Teaching Education Volume 2, Number 2. Winter, 1998.  [abstract]
  • Rathbone, C. and Shelton, L. "The research background for early childhood education." In Early Education Handbook. Montpelier, VT: Vermont State Department of Education.  [abstract]


  • Ph.D. in Teacher Education from Syracuse University
  • M.S. in Urban Education from Syracuse University

Awards & Honors

  • The John Dewey Faculty Citizenship Award from Chair and Department of Education: Given to recognize contributions made to faculty and students as teacher, colleague, and a member of the larger community within which the University of Vermont resides. (2009)
  • John Dewey Faculty Teaching Award from The Dean of the College of Education and Social Services: Given to recognize excellence in teaching in a manner that honors both the student and the curriculum. (2008)

Professional Associations

  • American Federation of Teachers (AFT)