Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Faculty Mentors

See the list below of faculty who serve as mentors and their area of research expertise.

Faculty Research Area
Dan Archdeacon Combinatorics, Discrete Mathematics
Josh Bongard Programming Lego Mindstorms NXT Robots
Jeff Frolik Wireless Communications, Embedded Systems or Sensors
Jane Hill Pathogen Transport, Development of Biotechnology Tools, Role of Microbes in the Cycles of Phosphorus
Darren Hitt Fluid Dynamics
Britt Holmen Airborne particles, Vehicle Emissions, Herbicide Fate and Transport, Environmental Effects of Transportation and Agriculture
Gagan Mirchandani Atrial Electrophysiology in Human Atrail Fibrillation, Elastography in Computerized Tomography, Real-Time Digital Signal Processing
Donna Rizzo Artificial Neural Networks with application to Environmental and Medical Problems
Frederic Sansoz Mechanics of Nanomaterials
Chris Skalka Computer Security, Computer Programming Languages
Richard Single Statistical Genetics in Human Population, Disease and Evolutionary Genetics
Xindong Wu Data Mining, Knowledge-based Systems, Web Information Exploration
Jianke Yang Applied Mathematics and Their Physical Applications in Optics and Fluid Mechanics
Jun Yu Ocean and Sea Ice Modeling, Hydrodynamic Stability, Biomedical Mathematics