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Rose Long

Rose Long

Originally from Sutton in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, Rose is a senior majoring in mechanical engineering in the School of Engineering. She transferred to UVM from Colby College in Waterville, Maine as a sophomore, and joined the UVM Cycling Team.

Her passion for engineering originated from her participation as a high school student in the Governor's Institutes of Vermont (GIV) Science and Technology Institute, one of seven Institutes offered by GIV. During this Institute, she heard Dr. James Iatridis, a professor within the School of Engineering, talk during professional night about his research in Intervertebral Disc Bioengineering and Spinal Biomechanics.

"After I heard him, I stayed behind to talk with him," says Rose. "His explanation of how physics could be applied to engineering human bodies was truly amazing to me -- I had no idea what engineering was until then."

Inspired by Dr. Iatridis' message, Rose enrolled as a biology major at Colby after her graduation from Lyndon Institute. Her passion to be connected with community as well as cycling drew her to transfer to UVM as a sophomore. Once at UVM, she joined the UVM Cycle Team and during her second semester, she changed her major to mechanical engineering in the School of Engineering and enrolled in Dr. Iatridis' Biomechanics class.

Plans Interrupted

During a routine training trip in downtown Burlington, her life changed dramatically when she was hit by a car while on her bike. A prolonged hospital stay due to severe injuries forced her to withdraw from UVM courses that semester. In Spring 2009, Rose's courageous recovery allowed her to pick up right where she left off with engineering classes and in training and competitions with the UVM Cycle Team.

Rose Long

In addition to pursing her passion for cycling, Rose has combined her love for biology with her interest in engineering by taking advantage of an opportunity to work with Dr. Bruce Beynnon, professor in the School of Engineering and in the Department of Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation.

"Rose has a unique ability to get focus and get things done," says Dr. Beynnon. "It's a pleasure to have Rose working on research projects within Orthopeadics & Rehabilitation."

Latest Challenge

"This semester, I look forward to experiencing hands-on engineering through Prof. Mike Rosen's Senior SEED Engineering Projects," says Rose. "Being able to use my knowledge of biology and engineering to help create solutions that benefit society, is one of the reasons I got into engineering in the first place."

It was the connection between UVM and the Burlington area that brought Rose to UVM. It is her ability to work hard, follow through, and make connections, that makes Rose an inspiration to all who know her.

To contact Rose, email: Rose.Long@uvm.edu