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Nicholas Cheney


A Student Success Story: Nicholas Cheney

Nick, who grew up in Essex Junction, Vermont completed his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in the spring of 2012. While at UVM, Nick started research on evolutionary robotics under the supervision of Prof. Josh Bongard. After graduation, Nick was accepted into a PhD program at Cornell University.

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Students at the Vermont Complex Systems Center


New Masters in Complex Systems and Data Science

Big Data is coming from complex systems everywhere. It's coming fast and we need people who can make sense of it: data scientists.

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Ahmed Abdeen Hamed


New Role for Twitter: Early Warning System for Bad Drug Interactions

A team of scientists has invented a new technique for discovering potentially dangerous drug interactions and unknown side-effects — before they show up in medical databases, like PubMed, or even before doctors and researchers have heard of them at all.

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dodds and danforth


F-Bombs Notwithstanding, All Languages Skew Toward Happiness

In 1969, two psychologists at the University of Illinois proposed what they called the Pollyanna Hypothesis—the idea that there is a universal human tendency to use positive words more frequently than negative ones. “Put even more simply,” they wrote, “humans tend to look on (and talk about) the bright side of life.” It ...

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