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F-Bombs Notwithstanding, All Languages Skew Toward Happiness

In 1969, two psychologists at the University of Illinois proposed what they called the Pollyanna Hypothesis—the idea that there is a universal human tendency to use positive words more frequently than negative ones. “Put even more simply,” they wrote, “humans tend to look on (and talk about) the bright side of life.” It ...

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Receiving the Swiss Young Bioinformatician of the Year Award 2014


Alumni Corner: Josh Payne

Dr. Josh Payne was recently awarded the highly competitive Ambizione Fellowship, a major 3-year grant awarded by the Swiss National Science Foundation to promote junior scientists into the role of "group leader," prior to their first faculty position. We asked Josh -- who is still in Switzerland -- to write an essay about his time ...

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Will Plug-in Cars Crash the Electric Grid?

Selecting a Chevy Volt, Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf — or one of many other new models — shoppers in the United States bought more than 96,000 plug-in electric cars in 2013. That’s a tiny slice of the auto market, but it’s up eighty-four percent from the year before. In Vermont, as of January 2014, there were 679 plug-in ...

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Chris Danforth Appointed to the UVM Flint Professorship of Mathematics

Dr. Chris Danforth, Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics, has been appointed to the Flint Professorship in the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Vermont.

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