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Prediction: The Next Big Thing

For thousands of years, people have yearned to know the future. They’ve peered into the entrails of animals, gone to the mountaintop oracle, planted with the Farmers Almanac, or bet with Nate Silver on basketball’s March madness. And for just as long people have been disappointed when the predictions failed.

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Jack Lawlor and Joe Kudrle


Senior Lecturers Jack Lawlor and Thomas Rogers Recognized for MATHCOUNTS Service

John C. "Jack" Lawlor and Thomas Rogers, both senior lecturers in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics, each received special awards at the Vermont State Finals of the 31st Annual MATHCOUNTS competition at Vermont Technical College in Randolph, Vermont on Saturday, March 29, 2014.

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Extended Q&A With Josh Bongard

University of Vermont associate professor Josh Bongard talks about what robot engineers can learn from nature, why he won a prestigious presidential award and if we should really worry about a robot uprising. (This is an extended version of the interview that appears on page 72 of the Spring 2014 edition of Vermont Life.)

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