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MS in Statistics

Degree Requirements

The department offers both a thesis option and a non-thesis option within the MS degree in Statistics.

Under both plans, students must have or acquire knowledge of the material in STAT 211 in addition to their required course work. Additional specific courses may be required depending on the student's background and interest. Other courses in statistics or related areas are selected with the approval of the student's advisor.

Under both plans, the student is expected to participate in the colloquium series and the Statistics Student Association Journal Club. The student must pass the comprehensive examination, which covers knowledge acquired in the core courses of the program.

Thesis Option

This is a 30-hour program requiring 24 semester-hours of approved course work. This must include:

Non-Thesis Option

This is a 30-hour program requiring 27 semester-hours of course work. The program must include:

Under the non-thesis option, students will be expected to take major responsibility for a comprehensive data analysis or methodological research project, and are encouraged to present the results from the project.