MS in Biostatistics

Career Opportunities

Statistics and biostatistics as professional careers offer a wide variety of stimulating challenges and opportunities. Their appeal derives from the fact that they are mathematical sciences, with the rigor and beauty of that discipline, and that they are also intended to address problems of great importance to society.

Statisticians help solve incompletely specified problems by designing questionnaires, experiments or other studies to collect appropriate data. They also design the methods of data processing and statistical analysis, and finally interpret the results in order to take action. The statistician is often part of a team bringing his or her special expertise to bear on an issue to aid other scientists or management come to reasonable conclusions and make the appropriate decisions.

Job opportunities are excellent.

There a a number of traditionally strong areas of need for statisticians and recently there has been a very wide recognition of the importance of statistics in the quality improvement efforts of American businesses and health care organizations as well as other institutions. Our own students have taken jobs with:

Other graduates have continued on to medical school and graduate study in such fields as psychology, education, economics, epidemiology, public health, business administration or mechanical engineering, as well as doctoral programs in biostatistics and statistics.

Many of our students already have earned graduate degrees in other fields and view the additional statistics degree as a means of expanding their career opportunities.