Mathematics Readiness Test Score Interpretation

Placement into an introductory MATH or STAT class is based on your MRT score and the requirements of your academic program as delineated below. If you have AP or transfer credit for MATH or STAT, you may be able to begin at a higher level than indicated below; consult your academic advisor or contact

MRT Score Interpretation

The MRT is scored on a 20-point scale. If WebAssign reports your score as a percentage, divide by 5 to obtain your score. For example, 60% translates to a score of 12 points.

If MATH 021 is Required for Your Program
If MATH 019 is Required for Your Program
If Your Program Does Not Require Calculus (MATH 019 or MATH 021)

If your program does not specifically require MATH 019 or MATH 021, you may take one of the following courses in accordance with your MRT score and your academic interests. Please consult your academic advisor to ensure that the course you select will meet the requirements of your degree.

Questions? Talk to your academic advisor or contact