Mathematics Readiness Test

Score Interpretation Guidelines

The MRT is scored on a 20-point scale. If WebAssign reports your score as a percentage, divide by 5 to obtain your score. For example, 60% translates to a score of 12 points.

14 - 20Ready to take MATH 021 or MATH 019
Consult an advisor if you took the AP Calculus test
Consult an advisor if uncertain whether to take MATH 021 or 019
6 - 13Ready to take MATH 019
If going on to MATH 021, take MATH 010 for preparation, NOT MATH 019
0 - 5Take MATH 010 if going on to MATH 021
Take MATH 009 if going on to MATH 019
If not going on to MATH 019 or 021, consult an advisor
Any score MATH 017 or STAT 051
Consult an advisor to ensure that you meet the requirements of your degree

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