Mathematics Readiness Test

About the Test

The Mathematics Readiness Test (MRT) is a test of basic high school math skills, including algebra and trigonometry. All new first-year and transfer students must take the MRT before coming to Orientation. When you come to Orientation you will meet with an academic advisor who will help you choose an appropriate mathematics class, taking into account your academic interests and intended course of study, as well as your score on the Math Readiness Test. See score interpretation guidelines for more information.

Prepare for the MRT. There is a set of Practice and Review Problems that you can work on at your leisure before taking the test. The practice problems have built-in help, including video tutorials you can watch if you need to review a topic, and you get several tries for each question. You can log out at any time and come back later to continue working on the practice problems.

Taking the MRT. The test itself is timed, and must be completed in one sitting. It will take about 45 minutes to complete, and must be completed without any outside assistance. You will get get two tries for each question on the test. Be sure to have a pencil or pen and plenty of scrap paper on hand before you begin. Do not use a calculator.

How to Access the Practice Problems and the MRT

The MRT is administered through an online homework system called WebAssign, which is used in many Math classes at UVM. To access the practice problems and the test itself, you will first need to set up a WebAssign account.

  1. Open the link in a new tab or new window so that you can refer back to these instructions.
  2. On the WebAssign login screen, follow the link I Have a Class Key

    screenshot image

  3. Enter the Class Key uvm 7321 4487.
  4. After you have entered the Class Key, you will be prompted to set up a username and password. Enter your UVM email address where it asks for your email, and use your UVM ID number for the Student ID. Continuing Ed students who do not yet have a UVM email address or UVM ID number may use some other email address and leave the Student ID blank.
  5. Once you have entered the Class Key and set up a username, log into to access a set of practice and review problems as well as the MRT itself. Please spend some time working on the Practice and Review problems and make sure your browser is working correctly before you begin the test.

    When you are ready to take the test, be sure to set aside a block of time when you can work uninterrupted (plan on 45 minutes). The timer starts as soon as you open the test, and it is not possible to pause or stop the clock. Be sure to have pencil and paper handy, and do not use a calculator. Good luck and do your best!

  6. Students needing extended time on tests, contact the ACCESS Office before taking the test.

If you have any problems accessing the test, contact