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Welcome from the Dean

Engineering education needs to change to produce problem definers as well as problem solvers. The vision and mission of the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences at UVM is right on track with this forward thinking.
— William A. Wulf, Ph.D.
   President, National Academy of Engineering

Welcome to the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS) at The University of Vermont (UVM).

Here at CEMS, we are creating new knowledge and preparing students to lead rich and productive lives — both professionally and personally — in this new and exciting century. The phrase "in service to humanity" has become the organizing principle for all our programs of study: engineering, computer science and mathematics. Indeed, a sense of social relevance and social responsibility is pervasive throughout CEMS.

We believe in educating engineers, scientists and mathematicians in a broadly inclusive way, providing students with a rigorous education in the technical disciplines, supplemented with study of the liberal arts to develop their critical thinking and leadership abilities.

When they leave our program, graduates of the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences will have an appreciation for the:

Unity of knowledge across disciplines and for various modes
     of reasoning; they will have a

Vision for making a difference in the world;
     and will be empowered with the

Methods to realize that vision.

I invite you to browse our website and explore the exciting activities and opportunities available at CEMS.

— Dean Domenico Grasso