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Dr. Bernard 'Chip' Cole

Dr. Bernard "Chip" Cole

Bernard F. "Chip" Cole is Interim Dean and Professor of Statistics in the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Vermont. His career as a biostatistician spans 18 years and is distinguished by more than 125 published articles in the peer-reviewed methodological literature and the biomedical-research literature. Professor Cole's articles have been cited nearly 3,000 times in the scientific literature.

Professor Cole's major area of methodological research involves statistical models for quality-adjusted survival analysis in clinical trials and meta-analysis. These methods are designed to more completely evaluate treatment trade-offs as an aid to decision-making for individual patients. He also developed methods for longitudinal data analysis and the handling of informative missing values. His applied research activities focus on cancer epidemiology, specifically large clinical trials of chemopreventive agents against colorectal cancer.

Professor Cole earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics at Boston University in 1992, and he completed post-doctoral training in Cancer Biostatistics at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Harvard School of Public Health in 1993. Professor Cole joined the faculty at Brown University in 1993 where he worked on early phase cancer clinical trials. In 1997, he joined the faculty at Dartmouth College where he became Director of Biostatistics at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center and began working on large-scale cancer trials. Professor Cole was Director of Statistics at University of Vermont, a post he has held from 2007 until 2009. He is now Interim Dean of the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences.

Professor Cole remains an active researcher and serves as an expert statistician for two major clinical trial groups, the Polyp Prevention Study Group and the International Breast Cancer Study Group. He frequently performs professional service, and presently serves on the editorial boards of Journal of the National Cancer Institute, and Lifetime Data Analysis. He is frequently called upon to serve on Study Sections for the National Institutes of Health. Professor Cole continues to teach statistics both at the undergraduate and graduate levels at University of Vermont.

For more information, please see Dr. Cole's curriculum vitae.