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What is Computer Science?

Snow water equivalent (SWE) monitoring with wireless sensor networks

Computer science is not just about building computers, writing computer games or creating other programs. Computer science is the science of problem solving. The computer is just one tool that computer scientists use.

Why Computer Science?

Why should you choose computer science? Are you a creative person, interested in the world around you? Do you want to find a great job after college? Read on...

Check Out What CS Alumni Are Doing

Michael E. Karpeles (Mek) graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Vermont in 2010. Throughout all four years at UVM, Mek held officer positions within the Computer Science Student Association (CSSA). Mek helped transform the CSSA from a once-monthly meetup of ~5 members to a 24/7 hackerspace with dedicated laboratory space in Votey Hall, home to over twenty members. Read more...

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What We're Doing at the University of Vermont

Computer Science Crew

Are you majoring in Computer Science, or thinking about it? Join the CS crew.

Our Faculty in the News

Our faculty are working on research projects ranging from robots that heal themselves to wirelessly monitoring the amount of water in a snow pack.

Our Courses in Action

CS32 - Puzzles, Games & Algorithms — What's the difference between a maze and a labyrinth? How many ways can a Rubik's cube be arranged? What's the real value of a Powerball ticket? Why are puzzles and games fun? You'll discover all this, learn how computers solve puzzles and play games, and more in this introductory computer science course, including a field trip to the Great Vermont Corn Maze.

CS195 - Hands-on Robotics — In this dynamic class, you'll build a robot using the Lego Mindstorms system. Many technical aspects of robotics, both hardware and software, are explored. But the interpersonal skills required to help complete your team's robot often prove to be equally challenging.

At our annual Computer Science Research Day a keynote address is given by a world-renowned expert on an emerging topic in computing, followed by a day full of faculty and graduate student presentations that showcase our research activities. Check out our previous Research Days.

For More Information

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