University of Vermont

Department of Computer Science

Data Mining :: Faculty & Students


  • Abdullah Arslan (Computer Science)
  • Jeff Bond (Microbiology & Molecular Genetics and Computer Science)
  • Yves Dubief (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Richard Foote (Mathmatics and Mechanical Engineering)
  • Marc Greenblatt (Medicine)
  • Serguei Krivov (Computer Science and Gund Institute)
  • Larry Haugh (Statistics)
  • Byung Lee (Computer Science)
  • Yuichi Motai (Electrical Engineering)
  • Gagan S. Mirchandani (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
  • Jason Moore (Computer Science)
  • Robert Snapp (Computer Science and Math)
  • Jim Vigoreaux (Biology)
  • Sean Wang (Computer Science)
  • Xindong Wu (Computer Science)
  • Xingquan Zhu (Computer Science)

Current Graduate Students

  • Mariette Award (PhD)
  • Nagi Basha (PhD)
  • Dan He (PhD)
  • Helen He (PhD)
  • Xianhua Jiang (PhD)
  • Rhonda Kost (PhD)
  • Yan Zhang (PhD)
  • J. Brooks Zurn (PhD)
Recently Completed Graduate Theses