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Alumni Advice: How to Start a Business as a Millenial

How UVM alumnus Thomas Stirling '10 offers advice on how to successfully start a business as a Millennial.

Knowing when to start a business is always a challenge, so we sat down with Thomas Stirling ’10 to learn about his background and get some valuable insight into how he was able to start a thriving web design and marketing agency while he was still at UVM.

Growing up, Stirling was influenced by a growing entrepreneurial community in his hometown of Winchester, Massachusetts. As a child, he found himself drawn to the challenge of fixing and repurposing hardware, and he loved taking apart broken technology. During middle school and high school, he rounded out his skills, taking some basic web and flash programming classes paired with photography and art. Later Stirling went on to attend UVM, majoring in computer science and information systems while minoring in economics.