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Julianna Roen Julianna Roen, a CEMS Freshman majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics, obtained an internship for the Summer of 2013 with Burlington Bytes, a web development and marketing solutions company in Burlington, Vermont wi th a strong focus on marketing businesses through their online presence.

"Burlington Bytes has been a wonderful experience. Not only was this a paid internship, I learned a great deal about website building, web design and internet marketing. I worked on SEO, updating and maintaining websites for businesses in Vermont and beyond such as Salaam Clothing, furniture stores in NH and local restaurants. I learned that I really enjoy web development and that I would be very interested in having a career in this field.

This internship has also helped me become more independent and has taught me that I am capable of whatever I put my mind to. What also made my time here so positive were the upbeat and confident attitudes of my bosses. They were very encouraging and generous. I did not come in with too much experience, but they were willing to teach me the ropes because I am a motivated and quick learner. I would highly recommend this internship for anybody interested in building websites."

-Julianna Roen

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