University of Vermont

Department of Computer Science

High school students: Explore engineering technology and the human experience at UVM/GIV Engineering Summer Institute

Release Date: 04-22-2008

Author: Dawn Densmore

Approximately 130 high school students (in-state, out-of-state and international students) will have the opportunity to participate in the UVM/GIV Engineering Summer Institute, June 28 through July 5, 2008. These students will explore the links between technology and the human experience through hands-on engineering projects, laboratory experiences, faculty presentations and enlightening tours. Students will be empowered with knowledge about how technology impacts our world and will leave seeing the world differently.

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These future engineers will experience 8 days and 7 nights at UVM hearing from engineers, computer scientists and mathematicians who will discuss societal problems and present engineering solutions. Four different engineering projects — sustainable energy systems, robotics, aeronautical engineering and engineering sustainability — provide key research opportunities and exciting hands-on learning. Students will also explore career opportunities in aerospace, biomedical, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as statistics, mathematics and computer applications.

Approximately 50 student participants will be from Global Challenge, a National Science Foundation Award that aligns U.S. students with students from China, India and Korea to work in teams of four to develop promising solutions to global issues.

This Engineering Institute is one of seven Governor's Institutes of Vermont (GIV). GIV also offers Institutes for in-state students on: Asian cultures, arts, current issues and youth activism, information technology, science and technology, and mathematics.