University of Vermont

Department of Computer Science


Term: Summer 2015

Subject: Computer Science

CS 008 - Intro to Web Site Development

Provides a strong foundation in HTML, CSS, images, beginning web programming, and web design so that the student can create a complete functional web site.

CS 020 - Programming for Engineers

Introduction to computer programming principles using MATLAB, with applications chosen from civil, electrical, environmental, and mechanical engineering. Co-requisite: MATH 021. Cross-listed with: ENGR 020. Credit not given for both CS 016 and CS 020/ENGR 020.

CS 021 - Computer Programming I

Introduction to algorithmic problem solving. Designed to provide a foundation for further studies in computer science. Prerequisites: MATH 010 or a strong background in secondary school algebra and trigonometry.

CS 142 - Advanced Web Design

Advanced web site design, including structure, architecture, compliance, CSS, usability, etc., to help create a pleasing user experience. Prerequisite: CS 008.

CS 392 - Master's Project

Prerequisite: Department permission.