Environmental or dispersal filters?
The figure shows the termite species composition in four different areas (colors) of the Amazonian forest. In this graph is clear that plots in the same area tend to have the same species composition, but could dispersal explain all aspects of these communities?
About me
I'm a PhD candidate in Dr. Nicholas Gotelli's lab at University of Vermont. I work with biological communities at the Brazilian Amazonia, mainly with termites. Currently, I am also involved on collaborative projects on plant and small-mammal community ecology at the Brazilian Atlantic forest.(click here to see the projects which I am involved). My main research interests are to understand how biological communities are distributed in space and time and disentangle which processes were responsible for such patterns.

I conduct my work mostly on the R program, which I use to analyze, simulate and integrate data. If you want to know more about my work, I make all my main R functions available on-line (click here). On this link you can find functions to extract partial scores from a multiple regression, to construct a model of the ecological neutral theory, to nicely plot species distributions along environmental gradients, and more.
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Road effects
   on Termites

Road constructions are known to affect many vertebrate communities, but what are the effects on the community of insects?

Ants vs

Predator pressure is strong for termite species, bun no study have shown this interaction effect on a termite community.

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