• Prof. J. Yang: Nonlinear Waves and Their Application

    Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending Professor Yang’s University Scholar Lecture: “Nonlinear Waves and Their Application.” This presentation was for a general audience, and not specifically for applied mathematicians or engineers.

    Nonlinear waves are, well, nonlinear, which means that they are described by nonlinear equations and that there is no general method for solving them. Specifically, the superposition principle that’s so handy when solving systems of linear equations generally does not apply.

    Being unfamiliar with Prof. Yang’s work, I found the range of applications he has addressed surprising. His presentation touched on a few:

    Event poster

    For more information:

  • Girls! Girls! Girls!

    Some graffiti seen about town today…




  • Where's My Poutine?

    Seen and heard about town today…

    • Tee shirts:
      • I run my world
      • I’m nobody. Who are YOU?
      • The future is FEMALE
    • A young woman who might have passed for a Hemingway grand-daughter, sitting at a sidewalk cafe. She drums the table and hollers “Where’s my poutine? Where’s MAH POOOTEEEEEN?”

    • A fellow about my age dove on a cigarette butt the way a seagull might dive on a french fry. He snatched it up, inspected it carefully, grumbled, and tossed it aside.

    • Overheard: “Euclid. Isn’t he the guy that said shit is flat and everything?”

    • On the sidewalk in front of the YMCA, this fabulous dabbing rainbow unicorn.


  • Champlain Valley Mini Maker Faire

    Kid schedules permitting, I’m hoping to attend the Champlain Valley Mini Maker Faire at Shelburne Farms, either Saturday 23 September or Sunday 24 September.


  • No Venues

    Seen and heard about town today…

    • Overheard at the Art Hop: “I don’t think they have any venues, just, like, places.”

    • A nest of bees in a rotted out railroad tie in front of the Maltex Building.

    • Best of show (IMHO): Two paintings leaning against the wall in Linda Jones’ studio—“Fungus Tree” and “Sticks”, both from 2010.

    • An unusually large number of cute babies (I’m such a sucker for babies).

    • About half a dozen or so folks wearing bona fide tin foil hats.

    Art Hop

  • Processing Community Day / MIT Media Lab

    I plan on attending. I’ll have room for three two more in the car. Anyone from UVM interested?

    Processing Community Day
    21 October 2017
    MIT Media Lab
    75 Amherst Street
    Cambridge, MA


    MIT Media Lab

  • Alzheimers (?) and World's Best Dad

    Seen about town today…

    • An elderly couple:

      Wife: We need to move the truck, but I don't know how we'll find a parking spot. Where will we find a parking spot? We have to move the truck or we'll get a ticket.
      Husband: Honey, we don't have a truck.
    • A young woman wearing a sweatshirt. There’s a picture of a golden trophy cup, with shining rays. In big bold letters, the caption:

  • Dancing Without Music

    Seen about town today…

    • A couple in City Hall Park, dancing without any music. (I don’t know how to identify it, but there was a skip and a spin and holding of hands. Hank Dearden III would know.)

    • A man with matted hair wearing bright yellow pants that might have been painted on.

    • An old fellow, with a cane and about six teeth. He was bent over so far his beard was pressed against his sternum. He lifted his head with some effort to look me in the eye and ask if I knew if the busses were running.

    • A young girl, eight or nine years old with a headband with two bright fuchsia fuzzy ears attached.

  • August 2017 Blogroll

    Programming as if the Correct Data Structure (and Performance) Mattered

    Tom Ellis, H2 Wiki

    Simple and to the point. I wonder how many opportunities like this are lurking in my own code. :/

    Dijkstra was right: recursion should not be difficult

    Maxim Koretskyi, Medium

    Interesting, with some good examples, including some examples from functional programming. I suspect if folks learning to write software were introduced to functional programming earlier, then recursion might not seem so difficult.

    Sound Matters

    Super Symmetry (Amsterdam)

    A rather odd approach to audio fingerprinting. But pretty!

  • I Still Love Everyone

    Seen about town today…