This is me.

Hi. My name is Clayton Cafiero and this is my website.

I am a student in the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Vermont, studying computer science, complex systems, and mathematics. I am currently pursuing an MS in Computer Science, and the Certificate of Graduate Study in Complex Systems (at the Vermont Complex Systems Center). My interests include graph theory and networks, algorithms, combinatorial theory, machine learning, and theory of computation, which is too much for one person!

While in college (many years ago), I learned a little BASIC and FORTRAN for projects involving multivariate regression analysis and Monte Carlo simulations. Later on, in 1991, I bought a copy of Borland Turbo C++, cracked open the book, and taught myself C++. Tinkering and learning new things is fun. I try to learn a new language every year.

My day job involves writing a lot of code, primarily for clients in equity research. This work includes building tools for data science and analytics; a platform for publishing, compliance tracking, and distribution of equity research; and other little goodies. For these projects, I work with Python, Java, JavaScript, C++, JavaScript, and Rust.

While at UVM, I have had the privilege of being a teaching assistant for CS 243 / MATH 243 Theory of Computation and CS 222 Computer Architecture, both taught by Professor Alan Ling.

I enjoy constructing gadgets with Raspberry Pi and Arduino, and occasionally composing a little music!


You may contact me via email at clayton (dot) cafiero (at) (you know the rest).