This is me.

Hi. My name is Clayton Cafiero and this is my website.

I am a graduate student and occasional part-time lecturer in the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Vermont, studying computer science, complex systems, and mathematics. I am currently pursuing a degree in computer science under the supervision of Prof A. Ling and Prof M. "Puck" Rombach. My interests include complex networks, combinatorial theory, algorithms, graph theory, and theory of computation -- which is too much for one person!

I also work part-time as a senior developer and project manager for a software company with clients in equity research. This work includes developing a platform for publishing, compliance tracking, and distribution of equity research; building tools for data mining and analytics; and other little goodies. For these projects, I work with Python (and, alas unavoidably, a little JavaScript), and occasionally C++ and Go. I'm curtailing my professional activities, fall 2019 through spring 2021, so I can attend UVM full-time and serve as a graduate teaching assistant (GTA) and adjunct lecturer. Here's my LinkedIn profile.

While at UVM, I have served as

With regard to the practice of software development, you will find me a vocal proponent of test-driven development, reading documentation, and being very nosy about library source code.

When I have a little spare time, I enjoy constructing gadgets with Raspberry Pi and Arduino, and composing a little music!

Feel free to drop by my office (E332 Innovation Hall) or contact me via email at clayton (dot) cafiero (at) (you know the rest).